Pro Tennis Player Cuts Hair During Match Because Winning Is Everything

Watch Svetlana Kuznetsova become your new hero ✂️
This is what a winner looks like. 
This is what a winner looks like. 

Any woman who’s ever played a sport knows that hair falling in your face while you’re competing is a gigantic nuisance. 

Well, professional Russian tennis player Svetlana Kuznetsova just found the perfect solution. 

During the WTA Tennis Finals in Singapore this Monday, the 31-year-old stepped off the court before her third set for a quick hair cut. Kuznetsova was sporting a long, thick braid that had been hitting her in the face every time she hit a forehand. The tennis pro ― in true boss fashion ― sliced off her braid with a pair of scissors in the name of competition.

“I thought, ‘what’s more important? My hair, which can grow, or the match?’” Kuznetsova told BBC Sport

On Tuesday, Kuznetsova re-grammed WTA’s video, writing: “Sometimes you gotta do it not by best hairdressers and not at best time.”

Bask, once again, in the glory of this badass boss lady. 

Oh, and Kuznetsova won the match. Obviously. 



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