S.W. Basics Body Scrub Could Get You A Boyfriend

This Body Scrub Could Get You A Boyfriend

I never used to give much thought to the beauty products I was putting on my skin. I'd buy the cheapest soap at Duane Reade and call it a day. But ever since I sat down with celebrity makeup artist and green beauty expert Katey Denno, I have a totally new perspective. Not only did she open my eyes to all the harmful chemicals in my everyday beauty products, but she also explained to me how few carcinogens are banned in the U.S. compared to the EU.

Since hearing Denno speak, I have been going as green as possible, but without much luck. I tried natural deodorant (which, by the way, doesn't work) and I bought an organic lavender body wash that made me break out. I figured going eco-friendly just wasn't in the cards for me.

That is, until I tried S.W. Basics of Brooklyn. A friend of mine who works at the company had been telling me how amazing their all-natural products are, but I was a little skeptical after my failed foray into green beauty. After looking through their collection, I decided to give their body scrub a chance, as it seemed like a low-risk option.

sw basics
S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Body Scrub, $22, swbasicsofbk.com

For the past three weeks, I have been exfoliating with their body scrub every other day while in the shower. Legs, arms, back, you name it, I scrubbed it.

The first thing I noticed about the scrub was its amazing smell. If heaven has a scent, ladies and gentlemen, this is it. The only ingredients in the product are demerara sugar, extra-virgin coconut oil and shredded coconut. So like the bottle says, "It's like dessert for your skin." It's also edible, so if you're ever feeling hungry in the shower...

Within the first week I noticed that my skin was considerably softer. By week two, the ingrown hairs on my legs started to disappear. And by week three, I was starting to think that my baby soft skin was a figment of my imagination, as there was no way this scrub could make my body that smooth. But this past weekend, while I was in a crowded subway car, a cute guy brushed up against my arm and said, "Holy sh*t your skin is soft." So there you have it, it's hot-boy approved.

Rating: 5 out of 5. It's green. It's affordable. It's effective. It's edible. Come on, does it get any better?

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