'Swag Syndrome' May Be The Next Incurable Epidemic (VIDEO)

Any time some teenager shouts "SWAG!" "SWOOP!" or "WHOOP," please don't be annoyed or alarmed. For they may have an involuntary condition that has only recently been diagnosed: Swag Syndrome.

Although such verbal emissions may sound like a kid is bragging or expressing themselves in the most annoying way possible, it's important to have sympathy so that a cure may be found. One doctor may be close to finding a cure for the involuntary shouting once thought to be in reaction to "objects of exceptional baller-ness"; however, it seems that the affliction goes much deeper. Turns out it's just the weirdest form out Tourette Syndrome ever.

Please, if you meet a victim of Swag Syndrome, have a heart. They may only be a support group away from help.