Woman Swallows Knife: X-Ray Images Show Cutlery Lodged In Atlanta Woman's Esophagus (PHOTOS)

Real smooth.

A 30-year-old Atlanta woman with a history of bulimia accidentally swallowed a butter knife while attempting to demonstrate for friends that she no longer had a gag reflex, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

The patient told doctors that she was holding the knife partially down her throat when something made her laugh, causing the utensil to slide into her esophagus, as seen in X-ray images obtained by The Huffington Post.

While laughter may not have been the best medicine in this case -- the woman reportedly began vomitting blood and experiencing stomach pain -- medical professionals at the Emory University School of Medicine did manage to perform an endoscopy and remove the cutlery without complications, the New York Daily News reported.

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Following the procedure, the woman's husband revealed that "four years earlier she had swallowed a knife that required surgical removal," according to the NEJM.

One takeaway here: Any level of sword-swallowing should be left to the professionals, particularly those with stagehands who run The Huffington Post.

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