Swami 'Sex Tape' Rocks India (VIDEO)

Nine people have been arrested after ransacking the headquarters of one of India's most famous Hindu holy men, Paramhamsa Nityananda, after a local television played a video that appeared to show him in bed with two women.

Nityananda seems to have gone into hiding before the villagers attacked his compound, some 19 miles from the southern city of Bangalore. 100 police officers are now reported to be protecting the ashram, which houses a variety of Nityananda's followers.

A Hindu holy man, Swami Nityananda is reported to have over 2 million followers and has over 11 ashrams in India and 26 in different countries around the world.

The video tape of the swami, though relatively tame by Western standards, has greatly angered both his followers and critics. One villager told the BBC, "He is a high-flying Swamiji doing fraud on innocent people, he should not be spared."

The Nithyananda Mission ashram released a statement calling the video "a mix of conspiracy, graphics and rumours".

WATCH: This appears to be the original broadcast, but can't say for certain (CONTAINS MILDLY EXPLICIT CONTENT)