'Swamp People': Willie Makes Potentially Fatal Mistake, Suffers Serious Gator Bite (VIDEO)

'Swamp People': Willie Gets Bit On The Hand By A Gator

Willie Edwards made a potentially fatal mistake on the latest episode of "Swamp People." If there's one thing these alligator experts should know, it's that the mouth is the most dangerous part of the animals. So it's important to make sure the gator is completely dead before sticking your hand in its mouth and hauling it onto the boat.

Willie thought a gator was dead and got quite a painful shock when it bit down on his hand. "He almost took my fingers off," Willie shouted after yanking his hand away.

Junior Edwards helped clean up the mess. The bite cut most of Willie's fingers and was so powerful it actually broke his toe as well. He was rushed home for some triage and hope for a full recovery.

It's a dangerous business, not just because of the power of the gator's bite. According to Medscape, "Bites from crocodiles or alligators are usually fatal. If the victim survives, there is a high risk of infection … it is believed that the flora of the crocodile/alligator mouth might actually consist of the flora of the feces of the previous prey."

Hopefully, Willie will fare better and have a full recovery. One of the world's most dangerous jobs continues every Thursday on "Swamp People" at 9 p.m. ET on History.

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