Sweden's Queen Silvia Says Drottningholm Palace Is Haunted

Don't worry... they're friendly ghosts.

Living in a 350-year-old royal palace probably has plenty of perks, but there might also be a downside.

Queen Silvia of Sweden says Drottningholm Palace, the royal residence she shares with her husband, King Carl XVI Gustaf, is haunted.

“There’s a lot of history here. There are also little friends… the ghosts,” the queen said in a documentary that aired on Swedish television on Thursday, per TheLocal. “They’re all very friendly, but you sometimes feel like you aren’t alone.”

The king’s sister, Princess Christina, agreed.

“There are ghosts in all old houses. Definitely,” she was quoted as saying. “There’s a lot of energy in that house and it would be strange if it didn’t express itself in the form of sounds and shapes.”

Construction on the current Drottningholm Palace began in 1662, replacing a 16th-century palace that burned down in 1661, according to the Swedish Royal Court. It has been home to the royal family since 1981, although much of the palace and its grounds are open to the public.

Drottningholm is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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