Swedish House Mafia At Ultra: 2013 Fest To Open, Close With Trio's Final Performances Ever

Disbanding EDM legends Swedish House Mafia have just announced they will open and close the massive Ultra Music Festival in Miami to mark the final performances of their careers together.

Though Ultra is moving to a two-weekend format for the first time in 2013, ticket holders for both weekends will have a chance to dance goodbye. The globe-trotting trio will headline Ultra's first night on Friday, March 15 and close the entire fest down on Sunday, March 24.

We totally just swallowed our glowsticks!

For members Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso, the two nights in Downtown Miami bring their career together nearly full circle: the boys made their North American debut as Swedish House Mafia at Ultra in 2010.

(Not to mention there was that little hit "Miami 2 Ibiza,” their first single to hit #1 on the Billboard club chart.)

''Ultra was the first place we really built a show for a main stage,” the group said in a release. “We filmed the whole thing and we played ‘ONE’ for the first time on that stage. It was a moment we would never forget and became the closing scene in our film, ‘Take One.’ The energy of the crowd was unbelievable and the fact that it's part of Miami Music Week where so much new music is born made it even more special.

"It just felt right that we finished where so much was started and we're honored to open and close the festival.''

Ultra now serves as the final stop on SHM's "One Last Tour," which also takes them through San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles this winter. But you can bet none of the dates will be as epic as a goodbye with more than 150,000 people losing their minds in the nation's sexiest city, capping off six days of the best in electronic music.

SHM, who sat atop dance music's latest wave of popularity, announced their impending end this year. Citing the need to take a break, Angello pointed out to The Huffington Post that all three Swedes had been DJing for years before they began making music together.

"It just wasn't having fun anymore," he said. "It was this humongous monster. We felt like tired. Swedish House Mafia was never something planned, it was just like, we're three guys, let's do this and have fun and throw parties and have a blast. So we just thought, "You know what? Let's end this."

Tickets to Ultra, which has sold out for years, are currently still available at

Check out images from Ultra 2012 from photographer Marisa Matluck:

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