Swedish Passengers Panic After Distraught Stewardess Makes Vague Announcement

Uninformative Announcement Causes Panic On Mallorca-Bound Jet

Chaos broke out on a Malmo Aviation flight bound for Mallorca on Friday when an obviously distraught stewardess announced that the plane was experiencing technical problems and had be granted permission for an emergency landing.

The weeping flight attendant added that passengers should assume the crash position.

Though no one on the flight seems to have ever been in real danger -- the distress in the cabin was caused by a broken TV according to Swedish media reports -- the lack of information coupled with the ominous announcement led to terror.

"It was total panic," passenger Mattias Sonngård told Sweden's Sydsvenskan newspaper. "People sat and screamed out that they didn't want to die. The man in the seat behind me fainted and got help with the oxygen from another passenger."

According to Sonngård, even after the plane landed, the flight staff continued its hysterics, sitting on a bench and weeping openly instead of helping the now shaky passengers of the plane.

The Daily Mail reports that Fritidsresor, a major Swedish tour operator, was quick to criticize the stewardesses and pilots for not providing their charges with more information.

"Sometimes it happens that people don't receive sufficient information about what has happened," a spokesperson for the organization said. "If you're the least bit afraid of flying, it's obviously an extremely unpleasant and distressing situation."

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