10 Swedish Sandwich Cake Recipes (PHOTOS)

Delicious Or Disgusting? A Cake Made Out Of Sandwiches

Each country has a dish at which other cultures snub their noses. Americans have ketchup, the French have frog legs, and the Swedish have sandwich cake. That's right, it's a sandwich that is also a cake.

At first, a sandwich cake looks like a regular cake, but after closer inspection you realize that it's not garnished with frosting, but smoked salmon, shrimp and crudite. Reading through a recipe reveals that the frosting is not buttercream, but a mixture of cream cheese, mayonnaise and sour cream.

To anyone who knows cake as being made strictly of butter, sugar, flour and eggs, this Swedish dish is just wrong.

But, if you spend time thinking about these cakes, as we did at Kitchen Daily (we just couldn't look away!), you begin to think of this traditional Swedish dish as a gigantic sandwich with all of your favorite ingredients jammed into it -- which doesn't sound so bad. While we're not sure that we'll start making these every weekend -- or ever -- we no longer gag at the sight of them.

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Salmon, Egg And Shrimp Sandwich Cake

Swedish Sandwich Cakes

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