Sweet Christmas, 'Luke Cage' Is Officially Getting A Second Season

While we're waiting, we'll have some other upcoming Marvel titles to binge.
We hope someone will invent a bulletproof hoodie for Luke.
We hope someone will invent a bulletproof hoodie for Luke.

It looks like Netflix is following Pop’s advice. “Luke Cage” will be moving “forward” with a second season, the company announced Sunday. A premiere date has not been released.

The Marvel comic adaption starring Mike Colter, Rosario Dawson and Mahershala Ali hit the streaming service Sept. 30. Netflix crashed shortly thereafter. Whether the two events were related is still unknown ― Netflix does not comment on viewership numbers ― but fans formed their own opinions.

Season 1 was certainly a hit, receiving strong praise for its portrayal of the (nearly) bulletproof, hoodie-loving black superhero in a dim yet lively version of Harlem. The political undertones in Luke Cage’s special abilities, especially during a year of continued news headlines involving police and people of color, did not go unnoticed.

While we’re waiting for the second installment, we’ll have other Marvel titles on Netflix to keep us busy. “Iron Fist,” starring Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick, is due to premiere on March 17. “The Defenders” ― who are Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage ― is coming (we hope) next year, while the second “Jessica Jones” season will likely debut in early 2018. The third season of “Daredevil” will likely hit the streaming service after that; its spinoff, “The Punisher,” is upcoming, too.

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