Sweet Dreams are made of these.... Or are they?

Remember the Eurhythmics? Well, if you are an 80's junkie as your writer - chances are you have heard one of their famous songs loop through the CD, MP3 and/or radio.

Before we go any further, I am not all getting any monetary satisfaction whatsoever to solicit and/or advertise for them either.

I just happened to listen to the radio one day and this song - (perhaps my inner chakra remained wide open because of the Lunar Eclipse, or maybe from The Pope's visit to the USA) forced me to dissect the verses even deeper than before.

Mind you, I've heard this song so many times -even took a swing at it during karaoke nights , as well, without a hiccup. This time around, I found myself silently arguing with Annie Lennox during the chorus.

Here are the lyrics as to why I started this one-way battle with my red-headed BFF musician.

"Sweet dreams are made of this. Who had in mind to disagree? I travel the world and seven seas. Everybody's looking for something. Some of them want to use you. Some of them want to get used by you. Some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused."

"Do you really think it's true, Annie?!

In a world hosting 7.125 billion people, perhaps some of us are guilty of these innocent "crimes" used as survival human tactics as a means to an end to experience some sort of instant gratification.

We've stolen, cheated, used our partners, loved ones, strangers even allowed others to reciprocate these infringements to ourselves as portals to achieve a particular goal of pleasure - and this happens a lot during relationships.

We sometimes choose to stay in toxic relationships, partnerships, friendships, other social contracts, etc., even though we know they are not fulfilling us in the way we expect and deserve.

It gets hard to cut the cord perhaps because we think this is the best it will ever get -without giving ourselves credit that we deserve better.

It's as if going through a rehearsal all the time and declaring you're not worthy for the main event.

Why?! I wish I had the answer.

The moral of the story is quite easy - because sweet dreams should be made of loyalty, openness, flexibility, compromise and honest love - feel free to throw in a sense of humor about life in there too.

I can't tell you what your sweet dreams should equal - hopefully they are sweet enough to always want more.