Sweet Flower Grandpa Surprises Wedding Guests And Steals The Show


You might expect a bride to include her beloved grandpa at her wedding by having him walk her down the aisle or make a toast. But Jennifer Briskin had other plans for her fun-loving “papa.”

The 29-year-old bride asked her grandpa to play a somewhat unconventional part at her October 1 wedding: flower grandpa.

“It started out as a joke, telling him he’d be great as a flower girl, and he laughed about it every week,” Briskin told FOX 5 Atlanta. “We kept talking about it and talking about it and then I said ‘Why can’t I do this?’”

Seven months before the wedding, she popped the question to grandpa and being the good sport he is, he was more than happy to oblige. In fact, Papa Stanley was so eager and nervous, he often practiced his “walk down the aisle” by walking down the driveway with a basket full of leaves.

And by the time the big day came around, Stanley was ready to steal the show. As he walked down the aisle ― accompanied by piano music ― guests were shocked to see the 85-year-old tossing petals. Amused, they greeted him with chuckles. Videographer Mary Daneman caught the entire walk on camera.

“We had guests come up to us the rest of the night, telling us how memorable it was,” Briskin said.

So sweet.

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