Sweet Girl, You Matter.

Sweet Girl, You Matter.
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Sweet girl,you matter. YOU MATTER.

Not because you’re beautiful- even though you are. But not one bit of your worth comes from your reflection, complexion or jean size.

The world will try to convince you otherwise.

They will try to make you change.

They will make you question.

In a world that profits off comparison- where being seen and liked are measures of value and idolization of photoshopped dolls creates unhealthy ideals of what a “normal happy person" is it can brainwash you into questioning everything.

They will want you to be small.

They will want you to be quiet.

They will make you question yourself.

And PLEASE, question things.

Always ask questions.

Always keep growing. Changing. Improving.

But do it for YOU.

Don't allow this world to make you feel shame for being an amazing, kind, brave little bad ass.

Be kind.

Always give. Then give more.

Listen more than you talk.

Love your body. YES! Right now. Not in 20 lbs. Embrace the tummy. Now. Don't ever forget how fortunate you are to be able bodied and alive. Dance. Climb mountains.

Spend time exploring what you love and meeting other amazing humans.

Oh, please don't ever lose faith in humans.

There will be people who will destroy your heart and I wish I could stop that. But use your hurt and your heartache to persevere. Feel it.

It is okay to not be okay. Never ever feel afraid to admit that. Those amazing humans I asked you not to lose faith in? This is when you lean on them.

I’m proud of you. You’ll never regret choosing the right thing over the cool thing. Even if you spend your whole senior year at a lunch table alone. Choose the right thing. Again and again. You’re cool. I promise. You just don’t know it yet.

And please, don't ever apologize for being an empathetic, emotional soul who feels things deeply.

Use your voice- in whatever that manifests in. You will find it. I promise.

The world will undoubtedly get scary. You will once again question if any of it matters. If you matter.

I promise you, you matter.

You and your brave heart and big dreams matter. Don't you dare give up when things get scary.

The world needs you.

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