Sweet Rose Creamery: A Day In The Life (VIDEO)

It's no surprise that Shiho Yoshikawa went to art school before becoming a chef. As "Ice Cream Chef," of the Sweet Rose Creamery at the Brentwood Country Mart, she's made milk and cream her tapestry when it comes to concocting intriguing and unique ice cream flavors like tea with candied azuki beans or shiso prosecco.

In a new Eater video, Yoshikawa shows off just a few of the tastes she creates daily: corn cob and whole coffee bean infusions, mint and chocolate, fresh berry syrup. We're most interested in the bourbon and pork fat caramel sauce for the bacon caramel sundae. And of course, everything, including the pork fat, is made from scratch with local ingredients (take that, Burger King!)

Watch Yoshikawa mix up something sweet in the video above and then book it as fast as you can to the Brentwood Country Mart. Monday's flavors include stout, blackberry anise hyssop, roasted apricot and toasted coconut.

Photos from the Sweet Rose Creamery's Facebook page boast more about what goes into the mix than the finished product. Think herbs like angelica and anise hyssop or bouquets of elderflowers, as well as exotic fruits and nuts like strawberry guavas and green almonds. Check out some of Sweet Rose Creamery's whimsical ice cream-based desserts in the slideshow below.

Photos courtesy of Facebook: Sweet Rose Creamery.

Sweet Rose Creamery
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