Shelter Worker Climbs Into Cage To Comfort Rescue Dog After Surgery

So much love. <3

A healthy dose of post-surgery love and care was part of the healing process for this beloved shelter pup.

Conway Area Humane Society’s shared a video on Facebook last week showing Prissy, a rescue pit bull mix, recovering from surgery after she was spayed. As the pooch rested in her cage at the New Hampshire-based center, the video below shows shelter staff member Chrissy Ireland lying alongside her, comforting the dog. 

Ireland explained to InsideEdition that Prissy, who had been rescued from a car dump in Tennessee by Paws of New England rescue, looked like she was in pain after the surgery ― and that Ireland felt compelled to comfort her. 

“She came back that day and she was coming out of [anesthesia]. She was all shaky,” Ireland told the news outlet. “I couldn’t even help myself.”

In the video, Ireland is seen patiently petting the dog, who is surrounded by blankets. She nuzzles and kisses the pup, who seems content with the attention she’s been given. 

Shelter manager Debra Cameron told the Dodo that while she was just going to check up on the dog after the surgery, she happened to find Ireland curled up in the cage, too. 

And though the gesture is admirable, Ireland mentioned to InsideEdition that the act isn’t out of character for the shelter staff ― this instance just so happened to have made it on camera. 



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