Sweet! 16 of America's Best Ice Cream Spots

Long hot summer days are just begging for some cold, creamy (or in some cases, icy) relief. Here are a few of Gogobot users' favorite ice cream spots. The lucky among you will live near enough to sample one or more.
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Long hot summer days are just begging for some cold, creamy (or in some cases, icy) relief. Here are a few of users' favorite ice cream spots. The lucky among you will live near enough to sample one or more.

Bi-Rite Creamery, San Francisco, CA

Photo: Bi-Rite Creamery by: Verlisia - Courtesy:
Think of Bi-Rite like the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco ice cream. It's iconic, it's a must, but it's also really beautiful and memorable. Salted caramel, lavender honey, and brown sugar are all reasons to lick a cup clean. See a scary long line? Head to their
, pick up a pint, and take it to the park.

Four Seas Ice Cream, Cape Cod, MA

Photo: Four Seas Ice Cream by: @joefoodie flickr - Courtesy:
New England history (it's been open since 1934) and charm (it's family owned) characterize Cape Cod favorite Four Seas. We recommend the peach ice cream.

Humphry Slocombe, San Francisco, CA

Photo: Humphry Slocombe by: Owie - Courtesy:
Don't let the ridiculous name put you off. Head to this hipster haven for some adventurous scoops like Secret Breakfast (bourbon and corn flakes), Vietnamese coffee, or peanut butter curry.

Diddy Riese Cookies, Los Angeles, CA

Photo: Diddy Riese Cookies by: Aya - Vegas and Food - - Courtesy:
No soggy brown cookies and icy vanilla this, Diddy Riese has raised the humble ice cream sandwich of our youth to a blood sugar-rushing art form. So it's officially a cookie shop, so what. We're in line for a gooey sweet sammich, still only $1.75.
Photo: Matsumoto Shave Ice by: frontriver flickr - Courtesy:
Shave ice, which can be augmented with classic ice cream and even azuki beans, is a must in Hawaii, and we love Matsumoto.
Photo: Blockheads Shavery Company by: Justin Rimon - Courtesy:
This is not shaved ice, but shaved ice cream, making for a creamier, and users say snowier texture than you might have though possible outside say, Taiwan, where this stuff originates. Flavors like taro and black sesame may (almost) make you forget mint chocolate chip.
Photo: Goody's Soda Fountain & Candy by: peddhapati flickr - Courtesy:
Lick it 1950s style at Goody's, an old fashioned soda fountain and candy shop.
Photo: Momofuku Milk Bar - East Village by: Clarisse Kyles - Courtesy:
The Momofuku empire is famous for its addictive inventions. The cereal milk soft serve is the one to try at Milk Bar.
Photo: Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams by: iriskh flickr - Courtesy:
Jeni's invents incredible flavors that take classics to a new level, like chocolate truffle with backyard mint - and then there are just new ideas, like 'Loveless Biscuit with Peach Jam'. Lucky for you Midwesterners, Jeni's also has locations in Columbus, Cleveland, Chicago, Atlanta, Charleston, Los Angeles and St Louis.
Photo: Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream & Desserts by: Yen Phan - Courtesy:
That's mochi ice cream in that photo right there, folks, and you need to try it.
Photo: Sundae School Ice Cream by: rhodesj flickr - Courtesy:
Cape Cod is a summery retreat, and they've got the ice cream to prove it. Head here to school your sundae.

Fentons Creamery & Restaurant, Oakland, CA

Photo: Fentons Creamery & Restaurant by: Calgary Reviews flickr - Courtesy:
Fenton's is that diner where everybody goes for the ice cream sundaes. They're huge, they've got a ton of flavors to choose from, and they come with all the toppings you can imagine.
Balsamic strawberry and home-made waffle cones are two reasons why Molly Moon's makes the list. We urge you to go discover a few more.
Photo: Little Man Ice Cream by: yosoynuts flickr - Courtesy:
Homemade ice cream with some fab flavors like salted oreo. You can get a small scoop if you've got kiddos in tow or are just looking for a taste.
Photo: Lick Ice Creams by: chocopiano flickr - Courtesy:
A Texas original, try the lemons and lavender, or maybe the Loquat margarita. Yum!

Toscanini's, Cambridge, MA

Photo: Toscanini's by: uıɐɾ ʞ ʇɐɯɐs flickr - Courtesy:
Toscanini's has their own take on inventive ice cream flavors (surely, 'chocolate chip' and 'rocky road' are about to become radical on menus). Before they do, try the goat cheese brownie, salty saffron, or burnt caramel.'s mission is to help people find great places to stay, eat and play that are perfect for them. Like what you see here? Read more from the Foodie Tribe, or start planning your next adventure with the app.