Sweet 16 Predictions: From Messy Brackets to Exciting Games

Sweet Sixteen games for the NCAA Tournament commence on Thursday and everyone is reconsidering their brackets after the first two messy rounds of tournament play. Huge upsets rocked the first round with No. 2 seed, Michigan State, losing to No. 15 seed, MTSU, and other top four seeds going down in flames like No. 4 seed, California, and No. 3 seed, West Virginia. It was a good day for those ranked #11 and lower has No. 11 seed, UNI, beat No. 6, Texas, No. 12 seed, Yale, beat No. 5 seed, Baylor, and No. 11 seed, Wichita State, beat No. 6 seed, Arizona.

Now that it's down to sixteen teams, twelve of them top five seeds and four surprise appearances. Sweet Sixteen contender, Gonzaga, took Seton Hall in the first round and went on to beat No. 3 seed, Utah, in the second round. With Gonzaga's strong background they are a serious contender but will face another program that hails from basketball greatness, No. 10 seed, Syracuse. Another dance we can't wait to watch is the one between No. 6 seed, Notre Dame, and No. 7 seed, Wisconsin. It was a rare bracket that predicted this, as Wisconsin surprisingly stunned No. 2 seed, Xavier, in a 66-63 finish in the second round of the tournament.

All four No. 1 seeds remain, but which will fall first? We made our predictions on the Sweet Sixteen games. Who do you think will make it into the Elite Eight? Make your game by game predictions on Sage.

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