15 Totally Sweet Thoughts Single Dads Have About Their Kids

"I can't even remember what life was like before them."

It's the little moments you savor most when you're a single dad: that time you and the kids rocked out to a Journey cover band at the state fair or the bright pink mani-pedi your daughters convinced you to say "yes" to over the weekend.

Below, 15 dads on Whisper -- an app that lets users anonymously share their thoughts -- share some of the sweetest moments of single fatherhood.

Even with being a single father, as soon as my son grabs my hand and looks
at me. I know everything is going to be ok.
I painted my daughter
Being a single dad has made the whole world appear different. I wouldn
I always had a close bond with my son but now that I
On the first friday of every month, I take myself and my 3yo daughter to
the spa. As a single dad, i have to play both parents, but I live for daddy
/ daughter moments like this
A girl just denied going out with me because I
The hardest part about being a single dad? Fixing my daughter
I love being a single dad, seeing my daughter grow into a little lady is
the best feeling in the world
Best part of being a single father is all my attention is on my son. He
means everything too me.
Being a single father is hard but it

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