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13 Ways You Know You Have A Serious Sweet Tooth

On a scale from one to sugar freak, how much of a sweets maniac are you?

Some people claim they don't like sweets. Offer them a brownie and they'll shrug it off with a casual, "Nah, I don't like dessert." As serious sugar fanatics here at HuffPost Taste, we have trouble accepting this position. In fact, we pretty much refuse to believe it. We prefer to think that everyone has a sweet tooth buried somewhere within them. Maybe you don't let it shine as brightly as we do, but we know it's there.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being a completely suppressed dessert-lover who claims sweets hold zero appeal and 10 being a dogmatically devoted dessert-lover, we're somewhere around a 14. We wake up thinking about sugar, we go to sleep thinking about it, and we find any excuse we can to stuff our faces with cookies, pie, cake, ice cream... you name it.

Where do you fall on the sweet tooth scale? Here are 13 times you knew without a doubt that your sweet tooth was verging on dangerous -- or just right, in our books.

You've eaten cookies first thing in the morning.
Lauri Patterson via Getty Images
You've literally rolled out of bed and gone straight to your kitchen and eaten a cookie, before making coffee, before brushing your teeth, before even turning the lights on. Cooookkies.
You always order French toast for brunch.
Or you order pancakes or waffles. When everyone else around you is ordering eggs and talking about how they just can't eat sweet stuff in the morning, you're asking for more maple syrup.
You fly Delta for the Biscoff cookies.
Biscoff cookies are worth enduring longer layovers and middle seats for.
The concept that a cake could be too rich doesn't compute.
"Too rich" just means "enough chocolate" to you.
You even eat fortune cookies.
Sarah Ashun via Getty Images
Nobody actually likes fortune cookies. But at the end of the meal at a Chinese restaurant, you need a sweet. So when a cookie is presented to you, you eat it. Obviously.
You ask "what's for dessert?" after breakfast.
Robert Daly via Getty Images
Because if you opted for a savory breakfast -- and even if you didn't -- you will obviously need something sweet to follow it.
You ask, "what's for dessert?" after lunch.
Jamie Grill via Getty Images
Because obviously you will be having lunch dessert too. The fact that every meal, including snacks, must end in a something sweet, is just a given.
When most people think of fall, they think of apples...
... but you think of apple crisp stuffed apples. With ice cream. And caramel.
You drink coffee so you can dunk biscotti in it.
Datacraft Co Ltd via Getty Images
There is nothing better than dunking cookies. If you're a serious sweet tooth, you've mastered the art.
You believe it's your right to eat chocolate every day.
Thinkstock Images via Getty Images
There are so many reasons to eat chocolate every day, we can hardly count.
You typically eat ice cream by the pint.
Ain't nothing wrong with that.
You've brought a cookie, or 10, into bed with you.
Lauren Burke via Getty Images
You want the last moment of your day, before you nod off to sleep, to be cookie-filled. Sweet dreams.
You're not over the cupcake trend.
Why would you be?

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