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'Sweet-Toothed Ghost' Haunts Australian Supermarket (VIDEO)

Paranormal investigators may have a startling new piece of information to use in their never-ending quest to make contact with ghosts: They have a thing for Fruit Roll-Ups.

Well, at least an alleged apparition in Brompton, South Australia, does.

A startling new security camera video taken at the IGA store shows a pack of Fruit Roll-Ups being tossed, depending on who you talk to, between and 18 and 36 feet away from its original location -- despite no one being visible nearby.

Security cameras have shown how one box mysteriously jumped six meters from its original location on the floor of the IGA store in Adelaide, despite no one being present, according to

When owner Norm Hurst bought the store in October, he was told to expect the unexpected.

"The previous owners told me it was haunted," Hurst told Adelaide Now. "I thought, 'Yeah, whatever.' But since we've owned the place, strange things have happened."

Hurst changed his tune last Thursday after security cameras picked up the footage of the Fruit Roll-Up being mysteriously flung past the past on to the floor.

"Strange," he drawled.

What's most shocking to Hurst is the vigor with which the Roll-Ups are flung, the Herald Sun reported.

"One of the cameras shows the packet of Roll-Ups just arriving on the ground ... it has not just slid off, it has been thrown out of the pasta, yet the Roll-Ups are kept 12 metres away," Hurst said.

What is causing the mysterious activity at the IGA is still unknown, but one theory offered by the stars of the Australian morning talk show Sunrise On 7 suggests it's connected with the 1998 death of a boxer who was gunned down on the sidewalk outside the store.