The First Trailer For MTV's 'Sweet/Vicious' Tackles Campus Sexual Assault Head On

With the help of two badass vigilantes.

MTV’s new show “Sweet/Vicious” is tackling campus sexual assault head on. 

In the first trailer for the series, released exclusively on Yahoo!, we meet Jules, a sexual assault survivor who will do whatever she can to make her campus a safer place. During the day, she’s a sweet sorority girl, taking part in the activities of Greek life, but once night falls, Jules becomes a vicious vigilante.

Instead of fighting typical TV show villains, though ― thieves, killers, zombies ― she targets sexual offenders, making sure they never touch women without consent ever again. At one point, she meets Ophelia, a total stoner who winds up becoming her right-hand woman in the fight for justice. 

As the trailer says, “Revenge is sweet. Payback is vicious.”

Watch the whole thing above. 

“Sweet/Vicious” premieres on Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. 



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