Sweet Video Honors The Amazing Work Of Child Life Specialists

Cheers to the amazing support they provide!

Families who’ve spent time in children’s hospitals know that there are teams of amazing people who provide life-saving support.

Although doctors and nurses often receive recognition for their incredible work, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) decided to make a video honoring another important team member: child life specialists.

The two-minute video celebrates the incredible bonds children’s hospital patients form with their child life specialists, who help sick kids work through challenging times.

“Child life specialists take the journey alongside our patients to help reduce fear, pain, stress and anxiety,” child life family services manager, Lindsay Damron, stated in a CHOA blog post. “Through preparation, educational play and therapeutic interventions, they help our little warriors understand what is happening to their bodies, empowering them to regain some control amidst seemingly uncontrollable circumstances.”

Here’s to all the awesome child life specialists out there!