Sweeter Holiday Tip #1: Take Timed Breaths to Conquer Cravings and Challenging Situations

Are you tempted to cave into a craving or to indulge in any kind of unhealthy behavior, even if it's legal? Here's a simple tip to help.
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Now that my 6-week program, the Sweeter Holiday Summit -- featuring 35+ amazing experts from a variety of fields -- is now over, it's my pleasure to share 3 Breeze Through the Holiday Tips.

Here's the first one tip, which is designed to help you if you're tempted to cave into a craving or to indulge in any kind of unhealthy behavior, even if it's legal.

This tip is helpful if you're:
  • Hooked on sugar or refined carbs
  • Overweight or obese
  • Newly diagnosed with pre-diabetes (and want to avoid getting type 2 diabetes)
  • Detoxing from a bad relationship and weakening because you want to use him or her
  • About to lose your cool because your annoying significant other upset you
  • Wanting to gamble again even though you've already lost lots of money
  • Quitting smoking
  • Want to get more healthy (just about everyone, I hope!)


So let's pretend you're tempted to "blow it," so to speak, in some manner.

That piece of pumpkin pie, whipped cream-topped coffee or buttery bagels from the local bakery are beckoning. Or perhaps you're close to blowing your lid because someone close to you upset you.
Here's how to quickly stop your cravings and diffuse your dangerous, about-to-explode impulses or halt any behavior that can send you down a road of self-hatred and anger.

Just as you're about to "lose it":
Look at your watch or cell phone to get the time. (If you have neither, ask someone else.)

Next, whatever time it is, take that number of breaths slowly, deeply, deliberately and confidently. (Example: So, it's 3 p.m. That means you'd slowly take three breaths in and three breaths out.)

While you breathe the number you see on your clock, watch or cell phone, visualize your breath
becoming transformed into your favorite animated character (such as Superman) and then head to head with your monstrous craving. Your hero conquers your impulse, of course. See it happening. Now watch your feelings (cravings, etc.) get smashed to smithereens.

After one round of three breaths, if you're still tempted, simply repeat the whole procedure again and again and again up to 3 times. (To clarify, say it's 5 p.m. You'd take five breaths, watch them defeat your cravings and then repeat another four times.)

Simple isn't it? Now make sure that while you're breathing, you're also visualizing the cravings being wiped out.

This tip is called the Timed-Breath, Conquer Cravings Technique.

Did you like this pointer?

Got any cool tips of your own to share? Let us know so we can pass it on.

Connie Bennett is author of the book Sugar Shock! (Berkley Books). She is now writing her next book, Beyond Sugar Shock: The 6-Week Plan to Break Free of Your Sugar or Carb Addiction & Get a Slimmer, Sexier, Happier, Sweeter Life (Hay House). She is an experienced journalist, former sugar addict-turned Spiritual Sugar Liberator, Sweeter Life Coach, Radio Host (Gab with the Gurus), Certified Life Coach, Certified Health Coach, Speaker and Frequent Guest/Interviewee. She is founder of the groundbreaking Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks Program.


Connie is also founder of the just-concluded Sweeter Holiday Summit, which featured 38 leaders in health, finance, wellness, fitness, Feng shui, personal empowerment, the Law of Attraction, aromatherapy, book writing, meditation and emotional wellness. Among those luminaries presented were: FlyLady (Marla Cilley), Spiritual Entrepreneur John Assaraf (in The Secret), Happiness Expert Marci Shimoff (also in The Secret), Abundance and EFT Expert Carol Look, Renowned Weight Loss Expert Dr. Brian Alman, Vision Board Guru Joyce Schwarz, Office Yoga Expert Darrin Zeer, Renowned Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones, "Mind Movies" co-founder Natalie Ledwell, Ageless Sisters Cynthia Rowland and Jackie Silver, Personality Profiler Angel Tucker, Self-Esteem Expert Dr. Joe Rubino, Mind/Body Expert Mark Patrick, Emotional Eating Expert Marilyn Migliore, Aromatherapist & Holistic Nurse Marilee Tolen, Health Expert Brad King, Law of Attraction Expert Eva Gregory, Master Business Coach Jeanna Gabellini, Sharon Stevens of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Herbalist Brigitte Mars, Self-esteem expert Joe Rubino, Life Coach Rich German, Mind/Body Expert Mark Patrick and Inner Peace Coach Mary Allen. To get a VIP Anytime, All Access Pass, go here.

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