Swiffer Says It Will Remove Rosie The Riveter Images From Its Ads

After complaints over Swiffer's use of the famed Westinghouse Electric "We Can Do It!" image to sell cleaning products, the company has agreed to remove the offending ads.

The image depicted a Rosie the Riveter-like figure and was spotted by Heather Beschizza over the weekend:

swiffer ad rosie the riveter

Many felt that the image was insulting and sexist. Boing Boing's publisher Jason Weisberger remarked, "I love the clear tribute to an important historical image done in such a way as to piss on its legacy."

In an email to The Huffington Post, a Swiffer spokesperson wrote:

We are aware of the concerns regarding an image in a Swiffer ad. Our core purpose is to make cleaning easier for all consumers, regardless of who is behind the handle of our products. It was not our intention to offend any group with the image, and we are working to make changes to where it is used as quickly as possible.

We're glad to see that Swiffer is taking responsibility and responding to its consumers.



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