Watch This Swimmer Disappear Into Winter Storm Jonas

The best of many going off the deep end this weekend ... into a snow drift.

Of all the snow swimmers who took the plunge during the Northeast's weekend storm, Courtney Lawson of Shippensburg High School in Pennsylvania truly deserves the gold medal.

Watch her dive into the white stuff and literally disappear before your eyes.

Get that kid a mug of cocoa fast and play the national anthem, 'cause she's the winner of the Snow Swim Olympics.

I challenge EVERY swimmer to go out and do this today, #snowchallenge

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Others, like the West Virginia University swim team, trained in the blizzard as well, proving that hardcore swimmers are truly flaky ...

Others showed that they need a bit of practice before the next Snow Swim Olympics.

Zack as my epic starter #snowchallenge go check out @zackstagram2002 snow challenge video. LOL I slipped on the start😂

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