13 Swimming Pools We'd Love To Splash In (PHOTOS)

The Most Relaxing Swimming Pools...Ever

When we think about summer fun, the first things that pop into mind are refreshing drinks (read: Mojitos), vacations and swimming pools. Whether it's a residential or community pool, a dip in the water is a fabulous way to stay cool, relax and just have fun with friends and family. Plus, with the right design and landscaping, even a local pool can look like a tropical getaway or a modern resort. Don't believe us? Flip through the slideshow below to see 13 amazing pools we'd love to have in our backyards. Though many of them do have substantial architectural elements, you can get a similar look by adding plants, a patio and comfortable patio furniture. These tranquil pools will make you want to hit the nearest body of water ASAP.

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Pools Of Paradise

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