No, This Swimsuit Is Not 'Perfect' For Almost Everyone

No, This Swimsuit Is Not 'Perfect' For Almost Everyone

When it comes to swimsuits, it's unlikely that one style will fit most.

But that's what editors at Lucky magazine purported about one suit in their recent article about "The Perfect" bikini, American Apparel's triangle two-piece bikini.

The article, featured on Lucky magazine's website, praises the skimpy suit's versatility for most body types because of its tie-string abilities.

“The design is refreshingly simple,” says Lucky executive fashion director Alexis Bryan Morgan. “It’s completely fuss-free—no padding, boning, ruffles or bows—and the fact that you can adjust the string ties precisely how you want them means it works on most shapes.”

The piece features a series of images apparently meant to show how the pad-less suit fits on most body types. However, the pictures -- which are from American Apparel -- only show the bikini on an array of thin, small-breasted models.

perfect bikini lucky mag

aa swimsuit side

Not much variety, right?

Predictably, the article's proclamation provoked uproar online.

Jezebel's Kelly Faircloth writes, "Now, the string ties do certainly sound appealing, and no doubt that's a great solution for some ladies. However, if I tried to roll over in the swimsuit pictured, my tits would fall out. Plop. Because not everyone has breasts with the structural integrity of the Pantheon."

Lucky didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

For a larger buffet of swimsuit options tailored to specific figures, check out The Huffington Post's "No-Bullsh*t Swimsuit Guide For EVERY Body Type."

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