'Swindle' Trailer: Nickelodeon Teases New TV Movie Starring Ariana Grande And Jennette McCurdy (VIDEO)

Nickelodeon's Star-Studded New Movie (VIDEO)

"Teen Beach Movie" isn't the only star-studded TV movie to get psyched about this summer. Nickelodeon just dropped the trailer for "Swindle," which will star six faces you'll probably recognize from "Sam & Cat," "How To Rock" and "Big Time Rush." (Yes, this includes both Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy!)

Watch in the video above.

According to Nick.com, this is the plot:

Swindle features Noah Crawford as Griffin, who just happens to be the owner of a very special baseball card. Special because it's worth over a million dollars! And since his best friend is about to lose his home, Griffin wants to use the card to help him out. But when an evil collector swindles him out of the card, it's up to Griffin and his wily group of classmates (Ariana, Jennette, Noah, Ciara) to track down the conman.

The movie drops on August 24th. Will you tune in? Sound off in the comments or tweet @HuffPostTeen!

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