Swine Flu Robot: Japan's Human-Like Robot Sweats, Cries, Convulses (VIDEO)

See video below
Japan famous for robots that do everything from sing karaoke to care for grandparents, has got itself a swine flu simulator.

The human-like robot, which has a body, face, hands, and feet like a person's (and even "skin"), simulates H1N1 flu symptoms. As Reuters reports in the video below, the robot cries, sweats, and even convulses.

Yahoo News reports that the robot can even "die":

The robot is coated in a human-like skin. It sweats, moans, cries and convulses, just like a human would when infected with the H1N1 virus. If it is not treated properly the symptoms gradually get worse and the robot stops breathing.

According to the Daily Record, the humanoid was developed to help train Japanese doctors in treating H1N1.


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