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Swine Flu Vaccine: Just Say No

For all those who do not believe in government-controlled health care, Just Say No to the swine flu vaccine.
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Currently we ration health care in the U.S. based on job status, wealth, even race. I think swine flue vaccines should be auto-rationed based on a cultural divide that is unmitigated by modern science and seen clearly in today's headlines.

Regarding swine flu, there's a need for political litmus test, if ever there was one. Forget gun control, global warming, abortion or even school prayer. The political/cultural litmus test of 2009 should be swine flu vaccine. For all those who do not believe in government-controlled health care, Just Say No. After all, this vaccine is science-based medicine, led by those pernicious government bureaucrats. The federal Institutes of Health have gathered the flu germs on which the profit-making drug companies must now depend to make their vaccines. Then the feds will again monitor the vaccines before they can actually be sold. Big Brother is definitely in the flu business big-time. You get this shot, you may as well swear fealty to stem cell research, late term abortion and even, heavens, AIDS research. Draw the line. Just Say No.

So, Tea-Baggers, just say no when vaccine touts come around wanting you to get inoculated. Protect your kids. And keep out of those contrails across the sky while you're at it. And all you shills for market-driven health care, don't get this shot. Perhaps health insurance profiteers should order their employees to stay away from this government-riven vaccine plan. It would weaken your arguments against our government putting its slimy hands on your purity and precious bodily fluids, not to mention your very privacy. You have the right to the flu, so exercise it, please. Lobby your friends to avoid this government-recommended vaccine. After all, if this flu is good enough for swine, it outta be good enough for everybody, right? And how do we know swine flu isn't some government plot like global warming so Obama can seize your right to not get a shot?

Most importantly, all the politicians and their staffs working so hard to prevent a public option for Americans who need health care: Just Say No. If you support this kind of government-controlled vaccine censorship, next thing you know they'll want to control smoking, hand-guns, target practice, drunk driving, glue snorting and all manner of other American past-times. Draw the line. No socialized vaccines, no socialized medical care, Just Say No. Besides, I hear prayer is a great preventive measure for all manner of ailments.

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