‘The Swineapple’ Is Taking Over Pinterest

Get porky with it.

Take a pineapple, core it, peel it, stuff it with pork, wrap it with bacon and grill it.

That, dear friends, is what people are calling The Swineapple, and it has taken over Pinterest this summer as one of the site’s most shared recipes. Look at this thing:

Two small swineapples right off the grill.
Gasface Grillah
Two small swineapples right off the grill.

Pineapple has been in the spotlight recently, thanks to some controversy over whether we should be putting it on our pizza. But this monstrosity (or delight, depending on who you are) has caught us by surprise, with its odd turducken-like qualities.

The Swineapple not only makes use of the all-too-clever bacon weave, but it also pairs salty with sweet, which is a winning combination. Josh Bush of LaPorte, Texas first made this recipe famous when he shared it with a Facebook group. It inspired many others to try it, such as food blogger Gusface Grillah, whose photos are pictured here.

We’re not going to sugar coat it: The Swineapple requires some work. And once assembled, the recipe takes about an hour on a hot grill. But the end result, according to Gusface Grillah, makes for some of the best taco fillings.

A bacon-wrapped pineapple stuffed with pork. Also known as a Swineapple.
Gasface Grillah
A bacon-wrapped pineapple stuffed with pork. Also known as a Swineapple.

But seriously, who is making this thing? (Or at the very least, who is pinning it?)

We reached out to Pinterest for some insight on the pinning demographic. From We learned that while 68 percent of U.S. women ages 24-58 use Pinterest ― which is not a real surprise ― 40 percent of U.S. men account for new users. The social site is big with families, too. Seven-in-10 moms use Pinterest, and 1-in-3 dads.

And while it’s safe to assume that not everyone who pins a Swineapple will actually make one, 79 percent of people who use Pinterest actually make food and ingredient purchases as a result of what they find on the site ... so you can bet some people will.

If that’s you, check out Gusface Grillah’s recipe for The Swineapple. And go hog heaven this summer.

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