Swing Latino Takes Colombian Salsa To New Heights On 'World Of Dance'

Their newest gravity-defying routine had the judges like 😱😵.

There may be no limits to how high Swing Latino can go ― literally.

The Colombian salsa team took it up five notches for their latest performance on “World of Dance,” with a gravity-defying routine that had judge Jennifer Lopez cheering from her seat.

In an exclusive sneak peek of Tuesday’s episode, the group can be seen executing some of their most difficult moves yet. 

Seriously, it’s like “Bring It On” on aguardiente. 

The 16 Colombian dancers are all part of the Cali-based Swing Latino School, which has made a name for itself globally. The group won the Las Vegas Salsa Championship in 2006 and 2007.

“This is a level of salsa that I think the world is not used to seeing,” J.Lo said after their qualifiers performance on June 13. “The footwork was amazing, the guys are strong ― like, nuts ― the girls were great! I’m looking forward to more of what you can do because this routine was incredible. You have the potential to win.”

Swing Latino didn’t disappoint Lopez with their second performance on June 20, either. During the last few seconds of the routine J.Lo was literally screaming.

In Tuesday’s episode, the dance team entered “The Cut” round, in which only the two highest-scoring acts will move on to the Divisional Finals.

Good thing these caleños are swinging for the fences. Check out Swing Latino’s latest performance above.