Swipe Right to Your Dream Job


Searching for the right job is just as difficult as searching for a date -- if not more so. Tinder was created for the dating world to allow users to easily swipe left or right on the profiles of potential matches. But would finding your dream date be the same as finding your dream job? Now San Francisco-based startup company Emjoyment has created an app, which uses a similar concept to connect job seekers and employers.

Just like Tinder, users will sift through the profiles and swipe left or right; employers will be shown candidates and candidates will be shown employers. Users can either connect their LinkedIn profile or fill out their profile manually with what they are looking for such as full/part-time work and also the kind of job they are interested in. Emjoyment admits a limited number of applicants into their community everyday and currently jobs are limited to New York City and the Bay Area but will be expanding soon.

Although there are some entry-level positions, many of the jobs on the app require candidates with anywhere from one to four years of experience. This can pose a problem for recent graduates or those graduating in the near future. However, just like with current applications, getting your resume viewed is the first step. A potential employer might request certain criteria, but may overlook them if you have other impressive skills. Plus, internship experience has never been detrimental.

Finding your ideal date or job can be a pain but with the use of mobile apps, it becomes a little easier and faster. With Emjoyment, you no longer have to write a brand new cover letter or fill out a long application form that will most likely end up in a black hole at some online job portals. You no longer have to jump through several hoops to land a face-to-face interview. Instead, a simple swipe right can make all the difference. Even if you get a few rejections, you know that there is another potential job waiting for you.

This innovative paradigm allows instantaneous matching and real time interaction. However as with any burgeoning technology, success depends on two key factors, which only the future can tell:

1) Adoption: Millennials might be eager to swipe right and left but will the HR staff and hiring managers who are most likely from a previous generation be willing to hover over their phones to do the same?

2) Balance of supply and demand: If both employers and applicants are equally eager to find each other then the app will be a success. However, will the dynamics work the same with either an employer's market or an applicant's market?