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Swiss Alps 'Peak Walk' Will Send Your Stomach For A Loop

Point A to Point B is not always easy on the stomach.

Take, for example, Peak Walk, a gut-dropping new hanging bridge that will soon link two mountain peaks in the Swiss Alps. At almost 10,000 feet above the ground, the walkway will feature a partial glass floor to allow visitors to look down -- if they dare -- at the epic drop below.

The bridge is a new attraction at Glacier 3000, an "excursion paradise" with adventurous chairlifts, alpine coasters and dog sled rides.

When completed, Peak Walk will be the second-highest suspension bridge in the world and the first suspension bridge to connect mountain peaks, according to the Daily Mail.

The attraction has faced setbacks during construction, but a video posted last week shows a helicopter delivering steel cables just in time for the walk's November opening date.

A rendering of the finished Peak Walk looks utterly -- and awesomely -- terrifying. Check it out, along with some photos of the construction process, below.

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