Swiss Army Moo-ves Over A Million Gallons Of Water To Thirsty Mountain Cattle During Heatwave

Switzerland has made an a-moo-zing effort to help its bovine population.

A recent heat wave in the country’s Jura mountains, resulted in some very thirsty cows, but the Swiss military has come to their aid by transporting thousands of gallons of water to the hilly regions where they roam, Reuters reported.


To help the 20,000 cows cool down during the drought, military members were deployed to create artificial water sources in the affected regions before airlifting water in from nearby lakes.

 “Swiss Armed Forces [installed] nine reservoirs in the Cantons of Vaud and Fribourg,” Christoph Brunner, a representative for the Swiss Army, told The Huffington Post in an email. “These reservoirs can hold 431,000 liters of water.”


Funded by the Swiss government, the initiative, which was in the best interest of both the farmers and their cattle, was “categorized as emergency aid, so that local authorities [were not] charged for the operation," army spokesman Urs Mueller told NBC News. As the scorching temperatures rage on, water will continue to be pumped into these reservoirs, keeping the animals hydrated and happy.


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