'Switched At Birth' Premiere: Bay Confronts Regina About Not Spending Time With Her (VIDEO)

Regina may have been able to check out of rehab early on the mid-season premiere of "Switched at Birth," but that didn't mean things were going to get any easier for her. First, she had to face the reality that her daughter, Daphne, had become quite comfortable living with the Kennish family.

Then, Bay finally confronted her about the fact that Regina never said goodbye to her. Or really the fact that Regina never really says goodbye to her. Bay is Regina's biological daughter, but she felt like Regina had no interesting in furthering their relationship.

“You lived in my house all this time and we barely know each other," Bay told Regina. "Why do you push me away? Why don’t you want to spend time with me?”

TV Fanatic was excited to see Bay and Regina deepen their relationship this season, now that Bay has come out with her feeilngs on the subject. Zap2It was glad to see that things would stay complicated on the show. "It seems a little easy for Regina to have been able to check out of rehab early, but it's nice to see the show not back away from the mess she made when she fell off the wagon," they wrote. "I forgot that this show rarely gives its characters the easy way out.”

Watch them take the hard road on "Switched at Birth," Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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