Switching From Negative To Positive Thinking

I have found that the mind will automatically focus on the negative of a situation versus the positive. That is if you don't steer your mind you will get caught in the current of a negative thinking and the emotions that follow.

Les Brown said in Live Full and Die Empty, "Life is a fight for territory." I didn't want to believe nor understand what he was saying until now. I have had my heavenly highs of happiness and success but there have been moments after I thought I could let go of the steering wheel. I thought I put in enough work and direction to hit "shore" smoothly.

I was wrong but we can't predict the weather, nor can we assume that rain or any crazy storm is out to "get us."

When caught in the storm of switching from negative to positive thinking holding on firmly will get your through.

In the same seminar Les Brown goes on to say, "When bad things happen, why say why me [lol]. Why not you? Who better?"

With that, I say we take things to heart when we feel we deserve better. Although we all do, you should not personalize your experience as if no one goes through them.

Why do you think most throw them a pity party? Sorry, boo hates to break it to you but we all go through things! It may actually hurt less to know you are not alone. But getting out of the "why me" and switching negative to positive thinking will shift what you don't want to experience to what you do.

I will end it with this; we must "fight" to stay positive, NO MATTER WHAT! We must "fight" to direct our emotions so we don't drown in them. We must "fight" until we have reached our goals and persist. We must "fight" and believe that positive thinking will get us through.

We will arrive at our per-determined destination when we also learn to learn as well as grow. Living to learn will also switch the light from negative to positive.

Whatever you are going through it, whenever you are going through it, it is happening for reason. You can't see it right now, you can't see it when you are going through it but I am sure when your past it when you can reflect on the past mistakes or mishaps you can find wisdom.

Wisdom, that you can pass down, wisdom that you can offer another, wisdom that you can take and apply at the right time that will allow you to avoid the fight, the storm.

What have you been through that you gained wisdom from? What are you going through right now that you can find a lesson to be learned? Is it hard for you to switch negatives to positive thinking?

I would like to hear your stories... I would love to read your wisdom... share below.

With love,

Saba Tekle