This Japanese Swordsman Should Be Playing In The MLB Playoffs

A 100 mph fastball is nothing for this guy.

The MLB playoffs, are in full swing and they feature some of the baseball's top flamethrowers, like Jacob deGrom and Clayton Kershaw. These big-time hurlers are very, very lucky that they won't have to face swordsman Isao Machii at the plate. Machii has appeared in previous videos doing other ridiculous sword tricks.

In this video Machii, only armed with a sword, takes a swipe at ball coming at 161 kph, which is approximately 100 mph!

Machii was only about 9.22 meters (30 feet) from the pitching machine, which makes this feat even more impressive.

Here's the reading on the radar gun.

And here are the remnants from the ball he absolutely destroyed.


 It's time to get Machii on one of these playoff rosters.


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