New 'Swype' System DOMINATES iPhone In Typing Test (VIDEO)

New 'Swype' Input System DOMINATES iPhone In Typing Test (VIDEO)

Swype could completely change the way we type on touchscreen smartphones -- and potentially pose a real challenge to the iPhone.

Swype, invented by the creator of the T9 predictive typing system, offers a new input system for typing on touchscreen phones.

TechCrunch explains, "the way you type with Swype is you literally swipe your finger from one letter to the next as fast as you can."

The new "Swyping" system will debut with Verizon's new Samsung Omnia II smartphone.

The video below shows a smartphone typing smackdown: Swype vs. iPhone, side-by-side. (Spoiled alert: the Samsung Omnia II, with Swype, beats the iPhone hands down.)

See the new technology for yourself below.


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