SXHugFest 2KX!

In an effort to aide our fair Queen City of the Plains' international relations, Denver representatives went forth and hugged celebrities, toilets, street weirdos, and themselves during SXSW 2010 in Austin, TX.

Andrew WK shares an angry metal klaw hug with Widowers' Mike Marchant, who is clearly terrified.

Erik Estrada!!! with A Walking Disast3r's Robert Castro

Creed Bratton from the Office! with Heather Browne from Fuel/Friends!

The very lucky Donnybrook acolyte Miles gets in the middle of a Warpaint sandwich. Photo by Nina Barry

Donnybrook's Father Guido with Kid Sister, who clearly has great nails

The Shins' James Mercer with the Wheel's Ben Desoto, right after the movie premier of Some Days are Better than Others by Matt McCormick, starring James Mercer (the Shins and now Broken Bells). Photo by Lisa G!

Jody Orsborn from When You Awake and Todd Roeth from Gigbot

The GZA with A Walking Disast3r's Robert Castro

Sammy Bananas and Maggie Horn from Telephoned with Donnybrook's Father Guido

Donnybrook's Angora Holly Polo with member of Danish band Oh No Ono

The Knew's Jacob Hansen passionately embraces Gigbot's Ali Vagnini

The Knew's Jacob Hansen passionately embraces his bandmate Tim Rynders

The Knew's Jacob Hansen is passionately embraced by Gigbot's Todd Roeth

Gigbot's Todd Roeth passionately embraces the toilet

One Track Mind's/Donnybrook's Nina Barry hugs a monster at the Carniville party

Donnybrook's Angora Holly Polo hugs said monster, who only looks mildly uncomfortable.

Paul Scheer is treated to a hug from Donnybrook's Fritz Godard

Father Guido and honorary Donnybrookite Miles

Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys with A Walking Disast3r's Robert Castro

Donnybrook Trio of Lovin': Danny, Nina, and Father Guido

This kitten's name is Noodle, and he isn't hugging anything but don't you just want to hug him? We have 10,000 more photos of Noodle that we restrained ourselves from putting into our coverage. Photo by Nina Barry

Nina with a random very wasted girl who decided to hug her during Oh No Ono. She was fun.

Dan Frantic of Friendly Fire Recordings with Danny. Danny and him used to DJ at a night called Leisure and also a monthly party called Panic in NYC.

The Free Hugs girl with Todd Roeth from Gigbot!

Dead geese heads are hugging! They are not from Denver. They were in a shop called Uncommon Things, which is probably fitting. Taken by Nina Barry.

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