SXSW Comedy: 8 Days, 61 Comedians, 4 Intrepid Editors (LIVE BLOG)

We're herrrrre...

Your friendly neighborhood HuffPost Comedy editors have arrived in Austin, TX for South By Southwest and we'll be bringing you non-stop coverage of the amazing Comedy lineup over the next 8 days.

This year, the festival has announced that 61 total comedians, about twice as many as last year, will perform in stand-up showcases, podcast recordings, panel discussions, interactive events and more, and we'll be your ears on the ground for all of it.

For regular updates, check in on our live blog below. You can also follow HuffPost Comedy on Twitter, as well as your HuffPost Comedy editors: Ross Luippold (@rossluippold), Carol Hartsell (@carolrhartsell), Katla McGlynn (@katlamcglynn) and Christine Friar (@drinkyourjuice). We'll also be putting live updates on our Tumblr, so check that out as well.

And most important of all, follow our Bill Murray Watch! Will he show up this year? Find out first here!

Let's do this!

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