SxSW Music Journal: Day 2

If SxSW has a focal point, it's definitely 6th street, the main drag which runs through downtown Austin and plays host to a plethora of bars and music venues. One could spend the entire festival just attending free gigs on this street. In this second report from the music portion of SxSW we did just that, ping-ponging from bar to bar before being serenaded by a seemingly endless stream of freestyle street rappers. An authentic taste of the South only equalled by the Whataburger delicacy which young Louisiana producer Suicideyear recommended to us and which may have miraculously cured my lifelong aversion to vegetables.

Thankfully I'd started the day with a healthy workout at a fitness event so bizarre it could only happen at SxSW. It involves spandex and Hudson Mohawke and you'll have to watch the report to find out the rest, as it has to be seen to be believed.

Check out the video made with support from Spotify, where you can also listen to the day 2 playlist: