SxSW Music Journal: Day 3

Having risked my physical wellbeing by sampling one of the less healthy options at Whataburger in yesterday's report, I decided it was time for some pampering here at SxSW, which thankfully is in ample and free supply. Many brands take over entire venues or private houses in Austin in order to provide free entertainment and goodies to what they see as an influential public. This includes many non-music or even non-entertainment brands, who nevertheless book often stellar line-ups
to boost the popularity of their venue. This is how we ended up bumping into Ms Mr and Shamir while listening to Marina and The Diamonds at the Neiman Marcus house. Such a sentence is only written at SxSW.

The other acts we caught up with for today's video report are 20-year-old New York rapper Joey Bada$$ and 22-year-old Norwegian former pop star and current electronic sensation Lido.

Check out the video made with support from Spotify, where you can also listen to the two day playlist: