SxSW Music Journal: Day One

Originally an industry event aimed at music professionals and upcoming bands, South by Southwest has grown into a full-on music & media blitz, with brands paying for the privilege to provide free music, free food and free alcohol to the assorted hoard of hipsters, industry insiders and thirsty journalists such as yours truly. In my series of video reports from the music portion of the festival, I aim to bring you a taste of the music and the mayhem from among the more than 2000 bands and 100 venues across Austin during SxSW.

In this first report, we learn some dance moves with BBC Sound of 2015 winners Years & Years, watch Ghostface Killah perform some Wu-Tang classics at Boiler Room, catch Ryn Weaver live at Spotify House and freestyle with multilingual rapper Kosha Dillz, whose hip-hop parties bring gangsta rap to the synagogue. We also stroke a lizard.

Check out the video made with support from Spotify, where you can also
listen to the day one playlist:

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