SXSW Shingerview: Jason Levine, Mondelez

"I feel like we are in a Golden Age for brands, and our ability to engage with consumers on a 1 on 1 basis is unprecedented."

Jason Levine, who is responsible for Oreo on a global scale, stopped by AOL's activation at Raptor House to talk about the Oreo brand. At SXSW Interactive this year, everyone was talking about Oreo and their Twitter powered 3D Oreo-maker Machine, so it was great to get his perspective on SXSW and the digital space.

"Having a really strong sense of the brand and brand strategy, and a brand strategy that is in the DNA of the organization - that's what Oreo has been doing for decades." Watch as he takes me through his thoughts on SXSW, building and growing the Oreo brand, and how they achieve authenticity.