This Is Where The Healthiest People In The World Go On Vacation

Learn the ways of Syden.

Norwegians consistently rank among the healthiest people in the world. Their eating habits are ideal, and they’re officially the globe’s happiest folk, according to a United Nations report from this year. On top of that, Norway’s residents care about their own wellbeing more than other populations care about wellbeing.

Needless to say, Norwegians have some tricks up their sleeves when it comes to doing life right, and that proves true right down to how they travel.

The ideal Norwegian vacation is to go to Syden, which technically means “the south” but encompasses any sunny paradise that fits certain criteria. It’s “more a state of mind than a location,” as Wired explains, though destinations do share specific qualities. Think of it like the Danish concept of hygge, but for vacation. And like hygge, you can practice Syden’s principals no matter where you live.

A Syden-style destination is three key things:

1. Easily reached

A Syden destination involves direct or charter flights, no stops allowed. Norwegians waste no money or time when it comes to hitting the beach. The Syden concept first encompassed destinations in the Mediterranean, according to the culture site Thor News, because that’s where the country’s first charter tour flights landed. Easy.

2. Sunny and warm with a beach or pool

Thanks to cold and dark winters, Norwegians opt for places that are warm and bright. This often means Spanish islands such as Mallorca (above) and Gran Canaria, Greek islands like Crete or coastal cities in Croatia. Anywhere in Southern Europe with a beach seems to do the trick, really, although by now the concept of Syden has expanded to tropical spots like Thailand and Dubai. For you, Syden can happen somewhere equally beach-y, but closer to home.

3. Cheap drinks and food

Syden is a giant party, after all. Cheap cocktails are a priority, as is reasonably priced food. Syden knows no age limit: Younger people may treat it more like spring break, but older generations enjoy it, too.

Yup, THIS is a vacation concept we can get on board with. Quick, head to the nearest Syden-style spot in your state!

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