Sydney Leathers Is Modeling Leather Skirts Because Of Course

This Anthony Weiner sexting business is the scandal that keeps on giving, thanks to the politician's interesting choice of a phone mate, Sydney Leathers. The 23-year-old may have claimed that Weiner is "too busy jacking off" to run New York City, but it doesn't look like all of that sexting has stopped her from moving forward with her career.

Page Six reports that Leathers has inked a modeling deal with Apparel NY and spent yesterday posing in the brand's skirts, jackets and tops for a photo shoot (yes, some of the garments were reportedly leather). She was even "paid for the shoot and gets a percentage from all leather sales." Despite being forthcoming with her private text messages, the model novice wasn't too keen on posing topless or exposing her midriff, Apparel NY owner Shafqat Khan said.

"I think any girl has body image issues at some point in her life," Leathers told Page Six. "I weigh like 140 pounds right now ... There are people that are saying, 'Oh, she weighs 200 pounds,' and crazy stuff. I’m gonna work and tone up, and I’m on a diet right now."

Oy vey. If this seems like a familiar trajectory, that's because those at the center of sexy political scandals often use their 15 minutes of fame to launch careers in the spotlight. Monica Lewinsky went on to host dating show "Mr. Personality" after her White House dalliance, while Rielle Hunter, John Edwards' infamous mistress, posed in a risqué shoot for GQ. Then there was Eliot Spitzer's call girl, Ashley Dupre, who used her notoriety to draw attention to her burgeoning musical career.

So welcome to the club, Sydney. You can catch her modeling shots on Apparel NY's website, but tell us: Does Leathers have a shot at a real leather modeling career?

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