Sydney Rail Rage: Woman Gets Thrown Off Train After She Spits, Curses And Strikes Passengers (VIDEO)

The YouTube clip above allegedly shows a woman behaving badly on the Sydney Metro, but the video, uploaded on Oct. 26, has garnered more than 500,000 views in only two days not because of the woman's poor public form, but for the way her fellow passengers solve the problem. The unidentified blonde instigator ignores any semblance of the Golden Rule, as she spits, swears and even strikes fellow passengers over the course of a few minutes.

As the Daily Mail notes, when the crowd tires of the woman's violent antics, they "gather her bags and throw them onto the platform, swiftly followed by the woman herself."

The rail rager initially looks shocked as she sits on her backside in the train station. She takes a few more swings for good measure, but doesn't appear to connect.

The video has drawn plenty of reactions from YouTube users, specifically debating whether this constitutes violence against a woman or if her provocation made her train-tossing acceptable.

Did she get what she deserved?



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