Syfy Renews 'Haven' For Massive 26-Episode Season 5

"Haven" fans sweating that tense season finale cliffhanger moment needn't fear. Syfy has made a major commitment to the hit series. Not only did they renew the show for a fifth season, but they doubled the order, giving "Haven's" fifth season a whopping 26 episodes. Of course, there's a catch.

As part of the announcement, the network explained that the show will be broken up into two 13-episode half-seasons. In other words, it's kind of a two-season renewal, except that it's not. Entertainment Weekly suggested that this may have been a money-saving move by the network. As the cost of television productions go up with each season, making the next two years essentially one long season keeps prices fixed.

Even more, there's a reasonable chance that the cast originally signed up for five seasons. If they were to make this a fifth and sixth season, then they'd have to renegotiate contracts with the cast to get them to come back for that sixth season. This way, everyone is locked in. This makes us wonder how long it will be before networks start renewing hit shows for 100+-episode "seasons" that last five years.

Part 1 of "Haven" Season 5 kicks off in Fall 2014, with the back half set for 2015.



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